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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Urban Outfitters: On the Cheap - 10% off

I hate navigating all the spoiled hipsters in the UO stores, but I like the clothes. Unfortunately, you'd have to be a banker or a trustafarian to afford them at full price. What's a boy to do? Shop online. The sales are great, and no item I've posted above is more than $30!

  • $2.99 socks
  • $9.99 t-shirts
  • $19.99 collared shirts
  • $29.99 jeans
  • $19.99 fedoras
Use a fresh email address to get this once-only deal:
  • 083077WELCOME = 10% off (copy text and use it at checkout)
Check back as I find more coupon codes, or reply with your own below.

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Anonymous said...

4488WELCOME is better

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