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Sunday, July 27, 2008

save money and time now

The picture above is a photograph of my shoes and suit pants on my wedding day. I got both of them at Macy's, the first store I went to when looking for my suit. In fact, I got everything in Macy's in one trip.

Here's what I wore:

  • Michael Kors cotton summer suit (for an August wedding)
  • Kenneth Cole western-style brown leather shoes, with aging, trim details, and leather soles
  • A BCBG tie
  • A BCBG white cotton button-up shirt
  • A Fossil brown leather belt patterned with tiny holes
So what do you think I spent? $1000? $2000?

And how much time did it take? 10 hours? 20 hours of misery?

How about 5 hours + tailoring time (pick up the next week)

How about less than $400 total, including tailoring?
  • Suit: List $400, Sale: $250 - 15% coupon - 10% for out of state visitors' pass to Macy's flagship store in NYC* + sales tax = $180!
*TIP: (show an ID from any state at visitor's services and Macy's NYC will give you a 10% discount off your total purchase!)

  • Kenneth Cole Shoes: $125 (no sale price)
  • Tie: $15 during men's sale
  • Shirt: $35 during men's sale
  • Belt: $30 during men's sale
TOTAL (after tax): $400!

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